Image Spa - Wellness


Thai Purity Herbal Steam

The main characteristic associated with this form of therapy is that we use herbal elements that are considered to have treatment qualities which can help in stress and tension relieve. Our clients are placed on a special made bed where the herbal steam will be evaporating through the bottom of the bed. This therapy is not only helping in removing the body’s dampness but also improving the clients’ metabolism.

Price: $48.00

Thai Herbal Hot Compress

Hot rolled balls with herbal elements are placed on the parts of the body that require tension relieve while our professional rub and roll these balls to relieve stress.

Price: 1 Pair $20.00/$30.00 session

Fu Yang Guan Therapy

Our therapist uses the Fu Yang Guan in replacing the traditional hot herbal pouch to do the massage which is warming and scraping of the relevant acupuncture points. This therapy is used in improving muscles pain, insomnia, dysmenorrhea and so on. Our professionals are skilled in different techniques which makes our Fu yang guan the most effective practice compared to other spas.

Price: $30.00

Ear Candling

Ear Candling therapy is effective in reducing pressure, which may be present in the ears due to a wax build up or infection. We offer ear candling therapy alongside neck and shoulder massage meant to help relieve muscle tension. We offer ear candling services with at most care and safety precaution. Our therapists are well trained on the procedure and have performed ear corning to clients without any form of incident.

Price: $12.00/$30.00

Gua Sha

Our therapist use the ancient Gua Sha techniques borrowed from the Chinese as form of skin treatment. We scrap the skin to produce light bruising as way of removing unhealthy elements from the skin which stimulates blood flow and healing of the injured areas.

Price: $30.00

Naval Candling

We offer naval candling alongside abdomen massage meant to help relieve bloated stomachs. Our therapist can also use the practice to help with slimming the waistline and improving mental alertness.

Price: $12.00/$30.00

Korean Tourmaline Stone Dry Sauna Bath

Just like the name suggest the Korean Tourmaline is a form of dry sauna bath therapy where clients will be resting in a room that set with appropriate temperature according to the client’s endurance for heat. The sauna room is also installed with tourmaline stone which will be emitting negative ion and far infrared ray. This therapy is believed to be able to break down the fat tissue and also help in detoxifying

Price: $48.00