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The Royal Thai Massage

Practiced by the native Thai massage therapist this type of massage is the latest form of massage therapy performed in most of the spas across the globe. In our spa we practice The Royal Thai massage with the same ChiefEssays.Net precision and style as the Buddist monks that invented it over two millenniums ago. The therapy session usually takes place on a futon mat on the floor with both the client and the therapist lying on the mat while the client helps in stretching to different positions.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $55.00

 Chinese Style Massage And Chinese Tui Na Therapy

For most people, Chinese massage can be quite brisk which is caused by the fact that most of the practices done are not only for calming and relaxing purposes but healing effects as well. Therapists practicing this form of massage make their manipulations on a client’s body, forceful, rhythmic persistent and soft which is meant to achieve a deep and penetrating effect. Chinese style massage is categorized in some basic techniques which are; swing, compression, vibration, friction, joint manipulation, percussion and pinching and grasping which are all offered in our Spa.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $50.00


Aromatherapy is the type of massage that is highly dependent on massage oil as part of the relaxing medium.There are different types of oils associated with aromatherapy which each type having its own set of benefits.Some of these oils are; lavender which is associated with stress relieve, peppermint which is a natural energy booster , Patchouli often used as a calming agent and orange sweet african use for skin care just to mention a few. In our spa all these oils are available.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $55.00

Sport Massage

Most sports men and women do not know it but when exposed to physical activities their soft body tissues build up stress and tension which can be alleviated by sports massage. Overexertion of these body tissues can cause minor injuries and lesions which are broken down by sports massage.The massage therapy is not only effective for people in the sports world but rather for people in physically stressful jobs as well.The type of sport massage we offer compared to other forms of massage is more intense and deeper.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $58.00

 Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We use lymphatic drainage as a form of massage usually use their fingers to redirect the flow of lymphatic fluid to areas in their client’s bodies using light touches.In most occasions lymphatic fluid is stagnant in lymph nodes which are cleared by the rhythmic massage pressure applied on these nodes by the therapists.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $58.00

 Foot Reflexology

Research has found that foot reflexology as form of massage can help in pain reduction, depression and anxiety reduction and enhancing relaxation.The main characteristics would be the practice associated with argumentative essay structure reflexology which involves applying appropriate amounts of pressure on a client’s foot in a rhythmic manner.

Duration: 60 Mins | Price: $32.00

Signature Massage Therapy Packages

45 Mins foot                       +   15 mins Shoulder  massage                                 $ 36

45 mins body massage     +   45 mins foot reflexology                                       $ 62

30 mins body  massage    +   60 mins foot reflexology                                       $ 60

60 mins body massage     +   30 mins foot reflexology                                       $ 68

60 mins body massage     +   60 mins foot reflexology                                       $ 80